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Eugenia Kumacheva
... polymeric fluids. Applications of such effects for morphology of coatings and films in the paint and coatings industry. Awards and achievements: 2019- De Gennes Prize of the Royal Society of Chemistry (United Kingdom) 2017- Chemical Institute of Canada Medal (Canada) 2012- Humboldt Research Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Germany) 2012- «Inventor of the Year» from the University of Toronto (Canada) 2009- L'Oréal-UNESCO Women in Science Prize 2005- Macromolecular Science and ...
Borchers Christoph Hermann
... Ministry of science and higher education of Russian Federation (Russia). 2017 – Distinguished professor Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University, Shanghai (China PR) 2016 – LifeScienes BC Award Winner – Genome BC Award for Scientific Excellence (Canada). 2015-2024 – The Innovative Translational Proteomics Program, $1M CAD, The Warren Y. Soper Charitable Trust (Canada). 2014-2024 – Segal McGill Chair in Molecular Oncology, $200,000 CAD (Canada). 2013 – Scholarship from the Canadian Academy ...
Kristian Behrens
... laboratory: Employees of the Laboratory should have common research directions, common topics. Otherwise it is not a research center but just separate people who come to one room to work. Affiliations: professor at the University of Quebec in Montreal (Canada) Awards and achievements: 2017 – «Research and Creation» Award for achievements in research (Canada). 2015 – Best German Economist Under 40 according to «Handelsblatt Ranking». 2014 – Distinguished member of the «College of New Scholars,...
Andrzej Witold Weber
... Endowed Research Chair (Aix-Marseille Université, France). 2015 - Visiting Professor, Ainu Centre for Indigenous Research (Hokkaido University, Japan). 2014 - Nomination for the Partnership Award (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada). 2013 - Nomination for Fellowship of the Royal Society of Canada. 2013 - Research Award in the rank of Full Professor, Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta (one award per each rank) 1990–2013 - Research Associate (Canadian Circumpolar Institute,...
Mikko Karttunen
... laid a strong foundation that can become a basis for scientific breakthroughs. I am very glad with great scientific skills, healthy work ethics and commitment to high standards of the whole staff of the Laboratory. Awards and achievements: 2017 – Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Computational Materials and Biomaterials Research. 2009 – NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement (DAS) Award. 2009 – Faculty of Science Distinguished Research Professor, The University of Western Ontario. 2008 – ...
Ilya Alex Vitkin
... Research Award (Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Toronto) 4 big grants from Canadian research granting agencies: CIHR (2017-2022, 2020-2025), NSERC (2019-2024), NFRF (2020-2022) Lead research fellow of the University Health Network (Canada) Professor of the University of Toronto (Canada) Clinical medical physicist at Princess Margaret Hospital (Canada) Invited professor of the Privolzhskiy Research Medical University (Russia)
Richard Everett Ernst
... 2003-2007» from the «LITHOS» journal. 2003 – Chair of the Large Igneous Provinces Commission of the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior (IAVCEI). 2003 – Distinguished explorer of mineral resources of Canada. 2002 – One of the most requested articles in the «Journal of Geodynamics» on the Internet over the first 5 months after publication (Ernst & Buchan). Adjunct professor at the Carleton University (Canada) Professor at the Department of ...
David Howe Wood
... loads, evaluation of wind resources Awards and achievements: 2015 – «Environment and Sustainability» Award from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geologists of Alberta (APEGA) 2015 – Best researcher of the University of Calgary (Canada) Professor at the University of Calgary (Calgary)
Sergei Pisarevsky
... Cycles and Global Geodynamics» of the International Geological Correlation Programme (IGCP). 2007-2010 - Marie Curie Fellow, The University of Edinburgh (UK). 2006 - W. F. James Professor of Pure and Applied Sciences, St. Francis Xavier University (Canada). 2003-2007 - Certificate of the most cited author in the «‎Tectonophysic» journal. 1999-2004 - Secretary of the project 440 «‎Assembly and Breakup of Rodinia» of the International Geological Correlation Programme (IGCP). 1998 – 2002 ...
Turaev Vladimir Georgievich
... Mathematical Society (AMS). 2004 – Silver Medal of the French National Center for Scientific Research(CNRS). 2003 – Award for high citations of scientific works (ISI system, Thomson Reuters). 1999 – Honorary professor of the University of Calgary (Canada). 1990 – Invited speaker at the International Mathematical Congress (Kyoto, Japan). Honorary professor of the Faulty of Mathematics of the Indiana University (USA)
Pavel Arkadiyevich Pevzner
... most rapidly developing areas of genomics and I am proud that very young guys for my laboratory successfully compete (and cooperate!) with leading genomics centers. Awards and achievements: 2011 – Honorary doctor of the Simon Fraser University (Canada). 2010 – Association for Computing Machinery Fellow (USA). 2007 – Prize from the the University of California, San Diego for research achievements (USA). 2006 – Award from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute for implementing modern education ...
Stéphane Santucci
... chemistry, and it can be used not only for cosmetics but also in many other fields. Awards and achievements: 2011 – Prime d’Excellence Scientifique, CNRS (France). 2009 – Best article by a young scientist, International Conference on Fracture (Canada). Researcher at the Laboratory of Physics of École normale supérieure de Lyon
Philip Karl Hopke
... the International Aerosol Research Assembly (USA). 2004 – David Sinclair Award of the American Association for Aerosol Research (USA). 1991 – Principal Investigator Award in Air Quality Research, Ministry of the Environment, Province of Ontario (Canada). 1965 – Subscription Award, Connecticut Valley Section, American Chemical Society (USA). Professor, Center for Air Resources Engineering and Science of the Clarkson University
Panos Pardalos
... Term Professor for 2013-2014, University of Florida (USA). 2013 – Medal (in recognition of broad contributions in science and engineering) of the University of Catania (Italy). 2012 – Honorary Doctor of Science Degree, Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada). 2009 – Roberto D. Galvão Prize Best Paper Award (Brazil). 2007 – Senior Fulbright Specialist Award (USA). Distinguished professor, director of the Center for Applied Optimization at the University of Florida (USA)
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