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The goal of the program is to create world-class research laboratories in Russian universities and scientific organizations under the guidance of leading scientists.

Objectives that are solved by the program:

  1. Attraction of leading scientists, including compatriots living abroad, to Russia.
  2. Completion of breakthrough research projects in various domains of science.
  3. Training highly qualified scientific staff.
  4. Stimulation of engagement of young people in science, education and high technologies
  5. Establishment of solid links with leading international research and education center and scientific schools.

"The mega-grant programme has become the landmark of Russia in the domain of international scientific and technological cooperation. It promotes integration of our country into the global environment, it has gained high significance not only from the scientific viewpoint but in the context of the external policies. The programmе helps to achieve structural shifts in the management of the whole Russian science."

Falkov V.
Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

Russian universities and scientific organizations in collaboration with Russian or foreign leading scientists occupying leading positions in a specific domain of studies can participate in the mega-grant program.   

The main indicators of implementation of the program as of the beginning of the year 2021 are:

  1. Leading scientists supervising the laboratories represent 36 countries
  2. The created laboratories conduct research in 36 domains of studies.
  3. Participants of the program have published 7683 articles in journals indexed by the Web of Science Core Collection
  4. The share of young researchers (39 years of age or younger) participating in the program exceeds 64 percent.

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world-class laboratories
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