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Aslanov Vladimir Stepanovich
1949 Doctor of Sciences h-index: Leading scientist's research interests: Theoretical mechanics, regular and chaotic dynamics, dynamics of rope systems for space, space litter diversion dynamics, dynamics of spacecraft in contactless interactions, space capsule dynamics, dynamics of gyrostat satellites, orbital dynamics. Awards and achievements: 2009 – Distinguished worker of professional education ...
David Waring Dunham
... excellence in the paper «Contour Mission Overview and Trajectory Design» presented at the AAS/AIAA astronomical conference in Sun Valley, ID (USA). 1990 – Award for technical excellence for the project of the trajectory of the spacecraft, Computer Sciences Corporation (USA). – Dirk Brauer Prize of the American American Astronautical Society is (AAS) for «unique and continuous contributions to development of innovate trajectories for deep space missions» (USA). Chief Mission Design Engineer Space Navigation and Flight Dynamics Practice KinetX (USA)
Jean-Loup Bertaux
1942 PhD head of the Laboratory of Atmospheres of Plants of the Earth group and of Earth-like Exoplanets of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia) h-index: Leading scientist's research interests: Atmosphere of the Earth, comets, planetary atmospheres, interstellar space, solar wind and its variation, exoplanets Quote by the head of the laboratory: ...
Fundamental and Applied X-ray Astrophysics
Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Alexander Moiseevich Mebel
... (combustion), and at very low temperatures (interstellar space) and pressures. Obtained data will be used to develop advanced technologies of combustion of hydrocarbon fuels and to detect mechanisms of formation of complex organic compounds in interstellar space that played an important role in genesis of life on Earth Awards and achievements: 2020 – Combustion Institute Fellow (USA) 2016 – Florida International University College of Arts, Sciences, and Education Research Award (USA). 2003 – IAMS Outstanding Publication Award (Taiwan). 2002 – Academia Sinica Research Award for Junior Researches (Taiwan). Professor, head of the Laboratory for quantum chemistry at the Florida International ...
Sergey Anatolyevich Mikhaylov
... Laboratory has real prospects to become a real tool for solving industrial and academic problems in creating future aircraft and training highly qualified scientific staff. Awards and achievements: 2017, 2012 – S. P. Korolyov medal for merit in space exploration (Russia). 2017 – Award from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation «Distinguished worker in the field of education in the Russian Federation». 2016 – Honorary certificate in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of creation of the S.P. Korolyov Rocket and Space Corporation «Energia» ...
Peter Gotlobovich Frick
1952 Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences h-index: Leading scientist's research interests: Turbulence, magnetic hydrodynamics, MHD-dynamo and space magnetic fields, turbulent convective heat transfer Awards and achievements: 2016 – G.I. Petrov Award for works in hydrodynamic stability and turbulence theory from the National Committee for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Russian ...
Dipendra Prasad
... Quote by the head of the laboratory: Results of the laboratory's research are undoubtedly adequate to the world class level. Solving open problems of algebra, developing theories, a ground for discussions, young and creative team, the «Languages and spaces» international seminar – all of this is the «Modern Algebra and Its Application» laboratory. Awards and achievements: - Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize in mathematical sciences. - Ramanujan Prize of the Indian Scientific Congress (India). - Member of the Indian Academy of Sciences (India). Leading scientist of the «Modern Algebra and Its Application» laboratory
Juri Poutanen
... – Member of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters 2009 – Member of the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters Professor at the University of Turku (Finland) Head of the Laboratory 502 «Fundamental and Applied X-ray Astrophysics» of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)
Sergey Konstantinovich Vodopiyanov
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences h-index: 18 (Web of Science) Head of the laboratory's research interests: Geometric control theory, quasiconformal analysis, Sobolev spaces, partial differential equations Awards and achievements: 2016 – Honorary certificate from the Novosibirsk State University (Russia). 2016 – Honorary certificate of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (Russia)....
Kordas Georgios
... in nuremberg tech - technische hochschule nürnberg, daad visiting scientist, “success story” brite / euram 5399, associate professor of university of illinois aturbana/champaign, visiting distinguished professor of university sao paolo, national science foundation advisor for materials research groups, member of the international steering committee for sol-gel processing, nasa safety committee for space station
Valery Alekseyevich Gritsenko
Doctor of Science h-index: Head of the laboratory's research interests: modular forms on the orthogonal group, Borcherds products, Zigel modular forms, Jacobi forms, quasi-modular forms of the moduli space, K3 surface, irreducible symplectic manifolds, Kac–Moody algebra, elliptic genus, automorphic discriminants, Hecke rings, L-functions of quadratic forms Awards and achievements: 2017 – letter of gratitude from the Higher School Economics 2013 ...
Vladimir Anatolyvich Sabelnikov
... 1997–2002 – Member of the editorial board of the «Aerothermodynamics at hypersound velocities» journal (Russia). 1989–2000 – Member of the Scientific Council of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (Russia). 1997 – Full member of the Academy of Space Science named after K. E. Tsiolkovskiy (Russia). 1988 – 1st N. E. Zhukovskiy Award of the Ministry of Aerospace Industry (Russia). Adviser to Office National d’Etudes et de Recherches Aerospatiales (France)
Bassin Mark
... Geography (minor in history) Areas of scientific interest: Historical geography, history of ideas, history of Russia, identity, space. Mark Bassin’s research focuses on intellectual history in East and Central Europe, primarily Russia and Germany. He is ... ... broader perspectives on Russian society and politics. Number of publications in the scientific journals indexed by the Web of Science Core Collection database: 60 Number of the citations of the articles indexed by the Web of Science Core Collection database: ...
Colin Gregory Price
... extreme weather, impact on the atmosphere Awards and achievements: 2018 – Head o the Center for Nano-Satellites and New Space (Israel). 2017 – Head of the Center for Innovation in Transportation of the Tel Aviv University (Israel). 2016 – Elected ... ... Radiology Union (URSI). 2011 – Elected to the Executive Council for the International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences. 2010 – Member of the list o top-100 scientists who immigrated into Israel after 2000. 2008 – 25th position in the ...
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