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Laboratory of Behavioural Neurodynamics
Saint Petersburg State University
Laboratory of Biohybrid Technologies
Saint Petersburg State University
Modern Algebra and Its Application
Saint Petersburg State University
Spin Optics Laboratory
Saint Petersburg State University
Center for Algorithmic Biotechnology
Saint Petersburg State University
Photoactive nanocomposite materials
Saint Petersburg State University
Vladislav Yuriyevich Kuznetsov
... micropaleonthology, geochemistry Quote by the head of the laboratory: Science should be pursued constantly, no research problem can be solved in one take Professor, acting head of the Department of Geomorphology, Insitute of Earth Sciences of the Saint Petersburg State University (Russia)
Evgeniy Alexeyevich Bychkov
... control of technological processes) and for environmental monitoring - modeling of pollution by contaminants (heavy metals, NOx) for significant reduction of duration production processes. Awards and achievements: 1993 - First Degree Prize from the Saint Petersburg State University (Russia) First class professor of inorganic chemistry and materials science at Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale (France)
Manfred Thumm
... experimental research. As a result, this has given us real success in completion of the project. Awards and achievements: 2011 – EPS Plasma Physics Innovation Prize (France). 2000 – Kenneth J Button Medal Award (USA). Distinguished professor of the Saint Petersburg State Technical University (Russia)
Alexandra Mikhailovna Kalashnikova
... for conducting cutting-edge experimental research in such advanced areas of condensed state physics as femtomagnetism, magnetic nanomechanics, multiferroics physics. Awards... ... Russian Federation for young scientists (Russia). 2014 – Award from the Government of Saint Petersburg (Russia). Senior researcher at the Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and adjunct lecturer at the Saint Petersburg University Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics – ITMO
Ruslan Zufrovich Valiev
... medicine. IN particular, we are producing implants from nanotitanium and placing them into human organisms. Implants interact with blood, so we need a special coating, and such coating has been successfully developed by the Institute of Chemistry of the Saint Petersburg State University. Awards and achievements: 2017 – Web of Science Award in the category «Highly cited researcher of Russia». 2015 – IUMRS SOMIYA Award for implementing international research projects that brings significant contributions to modern science ...
Alexey Vitaliyevich Kavokin
... this helps to preserve peace in the whole world. Awards and achievements: 2017 – Honorary professor of the Russian-Armenian University (Armenia). 2017 – Honorary professor of the Vladimir State University (Russia). Lead research fellow of the Saint Petersburg State University (Russia)
Bernard Gil
... fruitful collaboration on a world scale Awards and achievements: 2018 – Welker Prize by the International Symposium of Semiconductive compounds (USA). 2013 – Honorary professor at the Nagoya University (Japan). 2012 – Honorary professor at the Saint Petersburg State University (Russia). Professor at the University of Montpelier (France) Director of research, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France)
Jörn Thiede
... Geosciences» (Springer Nature publishing house, 2016) Honorary professor of the University of Gotheborg (Germany) Foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia) Professor at the Department of Geomorphology of the Institute of Earth Sciences, Saint Petersburg State University (Russia)
Hans-Michael Kroening
... to our work and a common goal – to create a better, safe future. Awards and achievements: 2008 – Awards for achievements from NDE SPIE. - Honorary professor of the Tomsk Poly University (Russia) - Honorary professor of the Emperor Alexander I Saint Petersburg State Transport University (Russia) - Honorary professor of the Indian Society for Non-Destructive Testing (India) - Honorary professor of the Indian National Academy of Engineering (India) - Honorary professor of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University (Russia/Kyrgyzstan) ...
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