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Grigorenko Elena Leonidovna
1965 Doctor of Psychological Sciences, PhD h-index: Leading scientist's research interests: Study of biological and social mechanisms of human development during childhood and adolescence, cognitive development of children, including development of language and ...
Neverov Alexander Nikolayevich
1980 Doctor of Economics h-index: Leading scientist's research interests: economic psychology, behavioural and experimental economic theory, theory of noospheric evolution of socio-economic systems, problems and technologies of professional training and scientific work in the setting of noospheric economy. Awards and achievements: ...
Kovas Yulia Vladimirovna
... of utilization of genetic information by the society. Awards and achievements: 2018 – Invited speaker at the First Mathematical Cognition and Learning Society Conference (United Kingdom). 2013 – Janet Taylor Spence Award of the Association for Psychological Science (United Kingdom). 2012 – Wiley Prize of the British Academy (United Kingdom). Professor, director of the International Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Investigations into (InLab) of the Faculty of Applied Psychology at Goldsmiths ...
Azar Ofer
1974 PhD Lead research fellow of the Center of Psychological and Economic Research of the P.A. Stolypin Povolzhskiy Institute of Management – branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (Russia); Professor of the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business & ...
Sturm Thomas Kurt
... – Elected member of the Academia Europea (department: Philosophy, theology and religious studies 2013 – Fernando Gil International Prize in Philosophy of Science (nomination), Government of Portugal 2005 – Best article of the year in history of psychology, American Psychological Association Research professor at the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies, and professor at the Department of Philosophy, Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain)
Jaaskelainen Iiro
1973 PhD h-index: Leading scientist's research interests: neuroscience, psychology (interdisciplinary) Awards and achievements: 2015-2016 – Marie Skłodowska Curie Research scholarship, European Union 1993 – Monetary award (10 000 FIM), from «Alko Ltd.”, Finland (award for research works conducted within the master ...
Shtyrov Yuriy Yuriyevich
1972 PhD h-index: Leading scientist's research interests: cognitive neuroscience, psychology, psychophysiology. Quote by the head of the laboratory: The project is based on the suggestion - that has been by the latest experimental data - that behind successful mastering of various aspects of speech functions stands the unique capability ...
Zhivotovsky Boris Davidovich
1947 Doctor of Biological Sciences h-index: Leading scientist's research interests: Mechanisms of cell death Quote by the head of the laboratory: Enthusiasm of young professionals amazes me. Psychology changes with transition from general interest in the problem to its deeper understanding, it happens really fast after they start independent research. Awards and achievements: 2015 – academic of the European academy. 2015, 2009 – Award ...
Welzel Christian Peter
... modern reality; therefore, the level of happiness among members of the younger age groups grows following growth of the Russian economy. Awards and achievements: 2014 – Alexander L. George Award the best book of the year published in political psychology (USA). 2014 – Stein Rokkan Prize in comparative social science (Germany). Сhair of the Department of Political Culture Studies at Leipzig University (Germany)
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