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Bilimoria Purushottama Padmaksa Bharati
1952 PhD Purushottama Bilimoria is an Australian-American philosopher and researcher of Indian descent, one of the leading international scientists in the field of Indian philosophy and modern philosophy. Purushottama Bilimoria is the author and editor of a number of books, including «History of Indian Philosophy», «Postcolonial Philosophy of Religion», «Sophia Studies in Cross-Cultural Philosophy of Traditions and Culture». The researcher is well-known in the domain of intercultural philosophy...
Thomas Kurt Sturm
1967 PhD h-index: Leading scientist's research interests: Immanuel Kant's philosophy, rationality theories, cognitive philosophy and cognitive sciences, early New Age philosophy, Frege, epistemology, ethics Awards and achievements: 2019 – Elected member of the Academia Europea (department: Philosophy, theology and religious studies 2013 – Fernando Gil International Prize in Philosophy of Science (nomination), Government of Portugal 2005 – Best article of the year in history of psychology...
Nikolai Piskunov
1957 Doctor of Philosophy, professor h-index: Leading scientist's research interests: Stars, spectroscopy, exoplanets, models of atmospheres, transfer of radiation, magnetic fields, astronomical tools. Awards and achievements: Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences 2019 - Wallenberg Scholar (medal and lifetime scholarship) 2002 - Krafrud Medal for achievement in fundamental research Professor of astronomy at the Institute of Physics and Astronomy of the Uppsala University (Sweden)
Keenlyside Noel
25.03.1974 Doctor of Philosophy Areas of scientific interest: Climate dynamics, climate prediction, climate modelling, ocean-atmosphere interaction across the globe, high-latitude climate. Dr. Keenlyside's scientific career has been driven by a passion to understand the workings of climate and its predictability. As summarized below, he has made major contributions to climate research in the areas of dynamics, modelling, prediction and change. Number of publications in the scientific journals...
Olga Viktorovna Bychkova
Doctor of Science h-index: Leading scientist's research interests: Study of science and technology, public governance and politics, comparative political economy, innovation and technology policies Quote by the head of the laboratory: Our laboratory continues studies of Russian science and technology using achievements of the preceding team. Today our attention is focused on examining daily practices of Russian entrepreneurs in technology, inventors and engineers, analysis of innovative sector...
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