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Goltsman Gregory N
... Field of Applied Superconductivity. · The medal “Honorary Worker of Education and Enlightenment of the Russian Federation”. Order of Ministry of Education of Russia, July 9, 2021 No. 219/n. · Awarded with the Medal of Merit. Order of the Rector of Moscow State Pedagogical University No. 2537a, October 21, 2022. Chair, Division of General and Experimental Physics, Department of Physics, Moscow State Pedagogical University
Laboratory of quantum detectors
Moscow Pedagogical State University - (MPGU)
Klapwijk Teunis Martien
... superconductivity qualities of superconductor-ferromagnetic nanostructures and superconductor-normal metal. 2008 – «Outstanding Reviewer» Award of the American Physical Society (USA). Professor of the Department of General and Experimental Physics at the Moscow State Pedagogical University (Russia)
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