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Andrey Igorevich Mogulkin
... weakly divergent ion beams»‎ (Russia). Acting head of the Laboratory for the Research and Development of Space High-impulse High-frequency Plasmadynamic Electric Rocket Thrusters of the Research Institute of Applied Mechanics and Electronics of Moscow Aviation Institute (Russia)
Evgeniy Viktoroviсh Lomakin
... Department of Plasticity Theory, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow State University (Russia) Senior research fellow of the A. A. Blagonravov Institute of Machine Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia) Senior research fellow of the Moscow Aviation Institute (Russia)
Vladimir Anatolyvich Sabelnikov
... laboratory: We would like to unite knowledge backlog of TsAGI and research culture of European centers. Our task is to be open and to maintain contact with companies, so we hope to conduct regular seminars inviting employees of other organizations: TsAGI, the Moscow Aviation Institute and others. We try to reconstruct the experience in modeling turbulent combustion, to develop new approaches to it, we want to raise professionals who are able to do that. The Laboratory has a potential that can give a lot. Awards and achievements: ...
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