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Yuriy Kuzmich Gunko
... nanostructures. New nanomaterials developed at our Laboratory will be used for purifying medical agents, in photocatalysis, sensors and optoelectronics. Awards and achievements: 2011 – Ikerbasque Research Professor Award (Spain). 2008 – Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Award (Ireland). 2007 – Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry (United Kingdom). 2005 – Fellow of Trinity College Dublin (Ireland). 1995 – Alexander von Humboldt Fellow (Germany). 1993 – Royal Society Postdoctoral Award ...
Seamus Martin
... biotechnologies, molecular biology, immunology, programmed cell death (apoptosis), interleukins, psoriasis Quote by the head of the laboratory: For science it is easier to find remedies than answers. Awards and achievements: 2015 – Boyle Medal (Ireland). 2006 – GlaxoSmithKline Award of the Biochemical Society (United Kingdom). 2006 – Royal Irish Academy. 2005 – BA Charles Darwin Award (United Kingdom). Smurfit Professor of Medical Genetics at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) Editor-in-chief ...
Rogach Andrey
... Electromagnetics Academy (USA). 2012 – Ikerbasque Research Fellow of the Basque County (Spain). 2011 – Award from the City University of Hong Kong for outstanding achievements in research (China PR). 2005 – Walton Award from Science Foundation Ireland (Ireland). 2000 – Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Germany). 1999 – NRC COBASE Fellowship (USA). 1998 – British Telecom Scholarship (United Kingdom). 1995 – DAAD Fellowship (Germany). Senior research fellow of the ...
Igor Rufailovich Nabiev
... Russian Federation within the Program for Engaging Leading Scientists in Russian Higher Education Institutions. 2014 – Member of the editorial board of the «Journal of Self-Assembly and Molecular Electronics» (SAME). 2009 – Science Foundation Ireland ETS Walton Visitor Award. Professor of faculties of medicine and pharmacology of the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (France) Director of the Laboratory for research in nano-science LRN-EA4682 (France) Director of the European Technological ...
Yuriy Petrovich Rakovich
... obtained using visualization of fluorescence lifetime, PicoQuant Application Gallery Contest (Germany). 2010 – Innovation Award for achievements in imaging and for creation of new intellectual property, Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures (Ireland). Professor at the University of the Basque Country (Spain) Leading research fellow at the Materials Physics Center (Spain)
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