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Paul Schedl
... biology; 50 years of experience in molecular biology, overall number of publications – 187, citations count – 9579. Head of the Department of Molecular biology at Princeton University (USA) Chair of the grant committee of the National Institute of Health in genetics, expert of the committee for cell biology and developmental biology (USA) Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Visualized Experiments Foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)
Romanov Mikhail Nikolaevich
... Chromosomal Organization and Comparative Genomics of Multiple Bird Species: Beyond "Catalogues of Genes"” (BBSRC, UK). 2009 –2011 - Participation in the project “Behavioral Genomics of the White-throated Sparrow” (National Institutes of Health grant, USA). 2009 - Assistant Staff Scientist for the project on Construction of Genomic diTAG Libraries in Vertebrate Species at BACPAC Resources, USA. 2005–2009 - Scientist for the project “Genome Studies for Conservation of the California Condor”, USA. 1999–2005 - Research Associate for the project “An Integrated BAC Map of the Chicken Genome” (supported by USDA), USA. Researcher, Comparative and Functional Genomics Group, School of ...
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