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Rafail Kavyevich Gazizov
Doctor of Science h-index: Leading scientist's research interests: Group analysis of differential equations, supercomputer technologies in mathematical modeling Quote by the head of the ... ... team should always include specialists in applied mathematics and information technologies, young performers and members of the team ... ... and Technology», chair of the Department of High-performance Computation Technologies and Systems of the Ufa State Aviation ...
Yoshiyuki Kawazoe
1947 PhD h-index: Leading scientist's research interests: Computer design of materials, development of methods for computations o... ... of the laboratory: A very large number of works of theoretical and experimental nature are published by Japanese scientists only ... ... opportunity to promptly get acquainted with achievements of Japanese science. Awards and achievements: 2012 – Award for contributions ... ... Institute of Metals. 1994 – Scientific Prize from the Japan Information Center of Science and Technology (Japan). 1991 – Award from the Embassy of India ...
Gorban Alexander Nikolaevich
1952 Dr.Sci h-index: Leading scientist's research interests: computer and Information sciences, biophysics, mathematical and computational biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry and chemical technology, thermodynamics, interdisciplinary research. Quote by the head of the laboratory: "Artificial intellect and machine learning are successful when we need to form skills that can't be easily formalized. Errors of such systems are inevitable....
Peter Maria Arnoldus Sloot
... data, virtual reality, hybrid models, intellectual technologies, decision making support, emergency situations ... ..., molecules. If we look at human organisms, cells and the immune system are actors. Over the last 30 ... ... allows to model and reproduce dynamic processes using computers. Awards and achievements: 2016 – Award ... ... Knowledge Alliance, Saint Petersburg University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics – ... ... of international journals Journal of Computational Science and Future Generation of Computing Systems
Sergey Dmitriyevich Glyzin
Doctor of Science h-index: Leading scientist's research interests: Theory of dynamic systems, theory of bifurcations, information technologies Chair of the Department of Computer Networks at the P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University (Russia)
Vladimir Grigoriyevih Spokoynuy
1959 Doctor of Science h-index: Leading scientist's research interests: Mathematical statistics, information technologies and computation systems Quote by the head of the laboratory: My main product is over 50 young specialists who have passed through my laboratory and are already able to conduct active scientific work Awards and achievements: - fellow of the International ...
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