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Invited researcher

Yury Valentinovich Efremenko

Laboratory for Experimental Nuclear Physics
Year of birth
Academic degree
Candidate of Science
Field of studies

Professor at the University of Tennessee (USA)

Senior research fellow at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA)

Spokesman of the COHERENT International scientific corporation

Senior research fellow at the Institute of Physics and Mathematics of the University of Tokyo (Japan)

General information

Leading scientist's research interests: Neutrino physics, nuclear physics

Quote by the head of the laboratory: Nowadays all around the world intense work is conducted to create a new generation of compact and relatively cheap neutrino detectors that will be able to meet both domestic needs and needs of IAEA in the field of nuclear reactor monitoring. All the devices that are currently working, the effect of inverse beta decay of light nuclei is used for registering neutrinos. However, there is another approach that allows to create more efficient, compact and mobile devices. This approach is based on coherent neutrino scattering on heavy nuclei. Coherent neutrino scattering on nuclei is a fundamental physical process that should occur according to the Standard model of electroweak interactions that has not yet been observed in practice. Coherent neutrino scattering on nuclei plays an important role in the processes of formation of the Universe and evolution if the Earth. We suppose that coherent scattering will be quite sensitive to non-standard neutrino interactions and will serve as a sample of a new physics.

Scientific recognition

Awards and achievements:

2016 – Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics for the discovery of neutron oscillations.

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