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Invited researcher

Yuliy Valeriyevich Shidlovskiy

Laboratory of Genome Expression Regulation
Year of birth
Academic degree
D.Sc., prof. RAS

Principal investigator

General information

Leading scientist's research interests: Gene expression regulation in eukaryotes

Quote by the head of the laboratory: Development of a multi-cellular organism is an incredibly complex process that requires coordinated actions by many participants at the molecular level. Activation of various groups of genes in various cells determines their further fate. Identification of molecular basics of development of multicellular organisms is one of the most important tasks of modern molecular biology. This research gives us a key to understanding fundamental molecular processes determining development of highly ordered organisms.

Scientific recognition

Awards and achievements:

2019 - Prize of Government of Moscow for young scientists

2017 – Expert of the Russian Science Foundation.

2016 – Expert of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

2016 – Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

2016 – Personal grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research for young Doctors of Sciences.

2014 – Expert of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

2014, 2017 – Expert in science and technology (federal registry of experts).

2010–2011 – Personal grant for young scientists in molecular and cellular biology of Dynasty Foundation.

2009–2011 – Personal grant from the Center of Medical Research in Russia

2008 – Award of the 15th competition of Academia Europaea for young scientists of Russia.

2008 – Main Prize of the International Academic Editorial Committee «Science Interperiodical» for the best publication in journals of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

2005–2011 – FEBS and EMBO personal grants.

2005, 2007, 2009 – Personal grants of the President of the Russian Federation for young candidates of sciences.

2005 – Medal o the Russian Academy of Sciences with award for young scientists

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Field of studies
Invited researcher
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