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Academic degree
Doctor of Science
Field of studies

Professor at the Faculty of Mathematics of the Higher School of Economics

Head of the International Laboratory for Mirror Symmetry and Automorphic Forms

General information

Head of the laboratory's research interests: modular forms on the orthogonal group, Borcherds products, Zigel modular forms, Jacobi forms, quasi-modular forms of the moduli space, K3 surface, irreducible symplectic manifolds, Kac–Moody algebra, elliptic genus, automorphic discriminants, Hecke rings, L-functions of quadratic forms

Scientific recognition

Awards and achievements:

2017 – letter of gratitude from the Higher School Economics

2013 – senior member of  L'Institut Universitaire de France

1998 – French professor qualification equivalent to the HDR habilitation (Habilitation à diriger des recherches)

1998 – professor of universities of France

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Other laboratories and scientists
Hosting organization
Field of studies
Invited researcher
Time span of the project
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Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University

Mechanics and machinery

St. Petersburg

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Research Laboratory for the Mechanics of Bio-compatible Materials and Devices

Perm National Research Polytechnic University

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Silberschmidt Vadim

United Kingdom


Laboratory of Digitalisation, Analysis and Synthesis of Complex Mechanical Systems, Networks and Environments

Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academu of Sciences

Mechanics and machinery

St. Petersburg

Fridman Emilia Moiseevna