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Researcher at the Laboratory of Physics of École normale supérieure de Lyon

General information

Leading scientist's research interests: Mechanics of disordered media

Quote by the head of the laboratory: My American colleague once faced a question: «Can you create a gel that will contain 50% of gas and at the same time could remain stable for years?» He did not have any clear ideas at that moment, but he answered «Yes, of course!» As a result, we have invented the «bubble capsuling» process, that is, some sort of a «mechanical sink» around bubbles that stabilizes them and prevents growth of big bubbles from smaller ones. It is an interesting project from the point of view of physics and chemistry, and it can be used not only for cosmetics but also in many other fields.

Scientific recognition

Awards and achievements:

2011 – Prime d’Excellence Scientifique, CNRS (France).

2009 – Best article by a young scientist, International Conference on Fracture (Canada).

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Research Laboratory for the Mechanics of Bio-compatible Materials and Devices

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Laboratory of Digitalisation, Analysis and Synthesis of Complex Mechanical Systems, Networks and Environments

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Fridman Emilia Moiseevna