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Year of birth
Academic degree
Doctor of Biological Sciences
Field of studies

Chair of a department, professor at the Tomsk State University (Russia)

General information

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Leading scientist's research interests: molecular ecology of micro-organisms, genomics, sulfate reduction, resistance to metals

Scientific recognition
Awards and achievements:

- Member of the Presidium of the Inter-regional Micro-biological Society, member of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission, member of the editorial board of the «‎Micro-biology» journal, Review Editor «‎Frontiers in Microbiology», the Russian Society of Plant Physiology.

2015 – 1st degree diploma and Gold Medal for the development of «A technology of heavy metal ion precipitation under the impact of sulfate-reducing bacteria»‎ in the competition «‎Best Innovative Project and Best Scientific and Technological Development of the Year»‎, (HI-TECH, Saint Petersburg, Russia).

2015 – Gold medal and Diploma of the 9th International Biotechnological Exhibition and Forum «RosBioTech-2015» (Moscow, 28-30 October) for the development of a biotechnology for the purification of coal mining waste from sulfates using micro-organisms.

- Honorary certificate from the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia for long-term productive work in the interest of the development and modernisation of of the educational process, a significant contribution to the training of highly qualified professionals (Russia).

- Honorary certificate and D. I. Mendeleyev Medal for a significant contribution to the development of the Tomsk State University and increasing the prominence of the TSU in the national and international scientific and education space (Russia)

- Diploma and Grand Gold Medal for the development of «A method of metal sulfide extraction from mining and metal processing waste» (6th International Biotechnological Exhibition and Forum «RosBioTech-2012»).

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Other laboratories and scientists
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Field of studies
Invited researcher
Time span of the project
Laboratory for the Inter-disciplinary Study of Space

Tyumen State University - (UTMN)

History and archaeology


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Laboratory for Architectural Archaeology and the Inter-disciplinary Study of Architectural Monuments

The Institute of Archaeology of the RAS - (IA RAS)

History and archaeology


Giumlia-Mair Alessandra

Switzerland, Italy


Laboratory for Social and Anthropological Research

Tomsk State University - (TSU)

History and archaeology


Funk Dmitriy Anatoliyevich