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Invited researcher

Inglehart Ronald Franklin

Laboratory for Comparative Social Research
Years of life
1934 - 2021
Academic degree
Field of studies

Head of the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research of Higher School of Economics (Russia)

Professor at the Institute for Social Research, Department of Political Science, University of Michigan (USA)

General information

Leading scientist's research interests: Social changes, values, happiness and subjective well-being, political institute, cross-cultural research

Quote by the head of the laboratory: Over the course of our work we have found a vast, just incredible variability of values all around the world and found out that if we study the value system of one specific country we can foresee a lot of things concerning its development

Scientific recognition

Awards and achievements:

2014 – Helen Dinerman Prize (USA).

2011 – Johan Skytte Prize (Sweden).

2005 – Virginia Hodgkinson Research Prize (USA).

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