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Academic degree
Doctor of Science
Field of studies

President of LiWFusion (USA)

General information

Leading scientist's research interests: High temperature plasma physics, physics and technology of tokamaks, theory of equilibrium and stability of plasma, applications of thermonuclear synthesis reactions in nuclear power, quantitative methods for strongly non-isotropic plane

Quote by the head of the laboratory: «If plasma is not cooled it is going to be hot – I have an impression that this is hard to grasp for all the plasma physicists. It is much easier to prevent cooling that to needlessly put more and more energy into plasma and fight off turbulent losses.

Scientific recognition

Awards and achievements:

2010 – Kaul Prize of the Princeton University for developing tokamaks with lithium walls as a way of economically efficient energy reactor.

1992 – Constantin Milescu of the Romanian Academy of Sciences for contributions to research of thermonuclear plasma.

1987, 1982 – Prize of the Kurchatov Institute for the best scientific research of the year.

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Other laboratories and scientists
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