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Invited researcher

Kuzyakov Yakov Viktorovich

Centre of Isotope Bio-geochemistry
Year of birth
Academic degree
Doctor of Science in Biology

Full Professor of the the Georg August University of Göttingen (Germany)

General information

Professor Kuzyakov occupies an exceptional position in soil studies and agricultural sciences. The researcher has presented, substantiated and developed a wide range of research directions, theoretical concepts and methods that have provided new fundamental outlooks and strategic tendencies in soil science, recognised and used by many groups all over the world. The main topics of his research were the processes and functions of soil, the interactions of soils, plants and microorganisms in natural and agricultural ecosystems in the context of global change.

Professor Kuzyakov was one of the first to use isotopes and biomarkers to research the factors, processes and consequences of soil degradation, the cycling of carbon and nutrients, the impact of the increasing CO2 level and temperature on the microbial transformation of organic matter, metabolic pathways in microorganisms, greenhouse gas emissions and sequestrations. These processes have been analysed from the submolecular up to the ecosystem and water-collecting levels and linked to environmental applications.


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Leading scientist's research interests: soil–plant–atmosphere interactions, soil respiration, CO2 separation, interactions in root systems, carbon and nitrogen transformations in soils, priming effects, carbon retention, soil organic matter, soil nutrient cycles, soil biochemistry, low molecular organic compounds, stable and radioactive isotopes.

Scientific recognition
Awards and achievements:

2015 — Chair Professor at Huazhong Agricultural University (China PR).

2013 — Guest Professor of the Institute of Subtropical Agriculture of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2011 — Sir Allan Sewell Visiting Fellowship at Griffith University (Australia).

2009 — Visiting Professor at the Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2004 — 3rd place for a poster presentation at «Eurosoil 2004» (Germany).

2002 — Heidelberg Fellowship by the German Research Foundation.

2001 — Best Poster Presentation at the Biannual Conference of the German Soil Science Society.

1999 — Habilitation Fellowship by the German Research Foundation.

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