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Year of birth
Academic degree
Candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences
Field of studies

Professor at the Department of Biopolymers and Bioorganic Interfaces of the School of Engineering and Materials Science, Queen Mary University London (United Kingdom)

General information

Leading scientist's research interests: Biomedical studies (biomaterials, biophysics and physical chemistry), physics, chemistry and biochemistry at the sub-micron level, creation of multifunctional colloid particles and capsules, creation of nanoengineering biomaterials, development of remote-controlled micron-scale delivery systems

Quote by the head of the laboratory: About twenty years ago I saw a film about people inventing a small ship that should float around the human organism and find illnesses. It can be linked to the world but can also make decisions independently. After this it either leaves the organism or dissolves. All this was a subject of movies but now approaches are being developed that allow us to get closer to the day when this becomes possible.

Scientific recognition

Awards and achievements:

2017 – Adjunct professor at the Northwestern University (China PR).

2016 – Honorary professor of the Saratov State University (Russia).

2011 – listed in the top 10 worldwide-known researchers by Forbes.

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Other laboratories and scientists
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