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Laboratory of Digitalisation, Analysis and Synthesis of Complex Mechanical Systems, Networks and Environments

Invited researcher Fridman Emilia Moiseevna
Time span of the project
General information

Digitalisation is the implementation of digital technologies in various domains of science, technology, and manufacturing. It has recently become relevant due to the ubiquitous use of computer technologies. This project is devoted to the development of methods of digitalisation for the analysis and synthesis of complex mechanical systems in application to the design of machinery objects: advanced vibration, power generation, chemical equipment, robotic complexes, and aircraft.

Name of the project: Theoretical foundations of digitalisation of the synthesis of complex mechanical systems, networks, and environments

Strategy for Scientific and Technological Development Priority Level: а
Goals and objectives
The research is planned to be conducted in five directions:

  1. The control of multi-dimensional vibration devices. Objectives: the development of the fundamental foundations and the assessment of the threshold capabilities of digital and adaptive (intelligent) control for the increase of the efficiency of vibration machines.
  2. Autonomous navigation and the control of multi-agent robotic and mechanical complexes. Objectives: the development of a methodology for the analysis and synthesis of efficient and strictly substantiated decentralised autonomous navigation algorithms for multi-agent robotic complexes in the context of irregular or scarce information exchange.
  3. Adaptive control and evaluation for aircraft operating with high latency and limitations on communication channels. Objectives: the development of control algorithms under the conditions of significant incompleteness of data for the maneuvering of modern aerospace systems.
  4. The development of methods of digital control of non-linear spatially distributed systems and strength properties of non-linear acoustic meta-materials. Objectives: the development of a series of digital algorithms for the suppression and excitation of oscillations of specified forms in elongated mechanical objects for the solution of applied problems, including increasing the efficiency of noise barrier panels and the suppression of oscillations of elongated structures (bridges, tower cranes etc.); the synthesis of non-linear acoustic meta-materials with specified properties based on digital control.
  5. The development of new methods and algorithms of digital adaptive control of continuous distributed systems in the presence of considerable disturbance. Objectives: the increase of the accuracy and the safety of the operation of objects in chemistry and power generation-related mechanical engineering, such as power machinery complexes and rectification columns.

The practical value of the study
Projected research results: 

  • Methods and algorithms for the digital adaptive control of distributed systems in the presence of uncertainty in parameters, significant disturbances, and delays in digital communication channels.
  • Methods and algorithms for the adaptive forecasting of the values of regulated variables under the conditions of long delays in communication.
  • Optimal computation of parameters of regulators for the minimisation of power requirements and deviation from the set operation mode in energy machines and rectification columns.

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Invited researcher
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