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Laboratory for Comparative Social Research

Invited researcher Ronald Franklin Inglehart
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As of 30.01.2020

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General information

Name of the project: Economics. International research. Sociology.

Strategy for Scientific and Technological Development Priority Level: ж

Goals and objectives

Research directions: Cross-cultural research, values, subjective well-being and happiness, democratization, research of elites, gender inequality and gender role attitudes, religion and secularism, nationalism, tolerance and migration, social capital, trust, corruption

Project objective: Finding an answer to the question why the level of happiness in Russia is lower than can be expected on the basis of GDP per capita; creating a cutting-edge laboratory in the domain of comparative sociology and an international cooperation network

The practical value of the study

  • The Laboratory conducted the sixth wave of the International research of values in Russia and ex-USSR countries (2011). Using the methodology of international research of values we collected data from 9 regions of Russia.
  • We have conducted two waves of the Russian research of elites (2012 and 2016). Data was collected from the 7th wave of the World Values Survey and the 5th European Values Study (2017). Data from 9 regions of Russia were collected.

Implemented results of research: We have developed an enhanced methodology for measuring values. The modernization theory formulated by R. Inglehart and С. Welzel has been validated on empirical material using modern methods of statistical data analysis (multilevel regression modeling, structural equation modeling). We have described cohort changes in subjective well-being among the population of Russia, conducted comparative analysis of material and non-material determinants of well-being. The Laboratory has translated into Russian and published the latest books by Ronald Inglehart and Christian Welzel, «Cultural Evolution» and «Freedom Rising».

Education and career development:

  • We have opened the international master degree program «Comparative social research» (2014). Since September 2018 the program will be acting as a double degree program in collaboration with the Free University of Berlin.
  • We have compiled educational courses in English: «Bayesian Statistics», «Multi-level regression analysis», «Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling», «Basic Statistics and Introduction into „R“», «Methodology and Research methods in Sociology: Quantitative Research methods», «Applied Research on Inequalities: Race, Gender, Migration and Ethnicity».
  • 10 candidate dissertations have been defended.
  • 7 summer schools devoted to advanced methods of statistical data processing in social sciences.

Organizational and structural changes: The Laboratory has created a network of associated employees that unites about 60 researchers from leading universities of the world. Six conferences and 8 international working meetings have been organized by the Laboratory.

Other results:

  • Our researchers have published more than 60 articles in journals indexed by the «Scopus» and «Web of Science» database.
  • The Laboratory has won a number of Russian and foreign grants (from the President of Russia, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the Russian science foundation, the British Academy, the World Health Organization).

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Inglehart R.F.
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Inglehart R.F., Ponarin E., Inglehart R.C.
Cultural Change, Slow and Fast: The Distinctive Trajectory of Norms Governing Gender Equality and Sexual Orientation. Social Forces 95(4): 1313–1340 (2017).
Welzel C.
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Center for Science and Technology Studies (STS Center)

European University at St Petersburg


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Mario Biagioli


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