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Invited researcher Kordas Georgios
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General information

Name of the project: Self-healing construction materials

Strategy for Scientific and Technological Development Priority Level: а

Goals and objectives

The task of the project is the research of the following processes:

  • The self-healing of metals and alloys, the prevention of biofouling on metals;
  • The self-healing of concretes based on the use of bacteria and micro-capsules in tunnel construction and other domains in construction.
  • The self-healing of asphalt mass and drainage asphalt concrete using induction heating. The objective will be met after the implementation of a complex of works, including the development of nano-continers and nano-particles that will be included in paint coatings with a mass fraction of 10 per cent. The coatings will be assessed from the standpoint of the corrosion behaviour of metals, tribological properties, health protection aspects, and the environmental safety.
The practical value of the study

The creation of the laboratory will sharply accelerated the scientific and technological progress in the field of self-healing construction materials. This will give an opportunity to transit to import phase-out for a group of special admixtures to paint coatings and additives to concretes and asphalt concrete mixtures and, later, to export these products.

Projected research results: 

  • Patents for self-healing metal structures;
  • Self-healing concrete;
  • Self-healing mastic asphalt concrete;
  • Self-healing drainage asphalt concrete.

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