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Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Research in Oriental Studies

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As of 20.05.2020

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General information

Name of the project: From paleogenetics to cultural anthropology: a complex interdiciplinary study of traditions of nations of trans-border regions: migrations, intercultural interactions and the picture of the world

Strategy for Scientific and Technological Development Priority Level: ж

Goals and objectives

Project objective: Complex interdisciplinary research in intercivilizational and intercultural interactions between trans-border regions in the spatiotemporal continuum

The practical value of the study

Planned research results:

  • New knowledge on the migration paths and the ancient population of Eurasia acquired through interdisciplinary research of paleoanthropological materials;
  • An extended pool of sources of information on the peoples of the transborder regions, the ethnic history and culture of the Mongolian nations;
  • A characterisation of the features of the development of steppe territories in the aspect of the dependence on the geographical landscape as well as of the migration paths and interregional links of the population of ancient cultures;
  • A characterisation of ethnogenetic and ethnocultural connectionsratory with a Interdisciplinary of nations of transborder regions in the context of the political and ethnic history;
  • New knowledge on the social, anthropometric and historical research of the frontier and the cultural safety of transborder nations of Russia, China and Mongolia;
  • New knowledge on the daily life of transborder regions based on the material of written monuments and the folklore;
  • New knowledge on the archaic picture of the world of the Mongol nations based on the material of the lexicon of and the material culture;
  • Publication of 25 articles in scientific journals indexed by the international citations database «Web of Science Core Collection» over the whole period of the grant including 2 articles in scientific issues from Q1 or Q2 – within 18 months after the beginning of the implementation of the project as well as 3 articles in scientific journals from Q1 or Q1 within 30 months after the beginning of the implementation of the project;
  • Publication of 12 papers in scientific journals indexed by the international citations database «Scopus»;
  • Publication of 34 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals;
  • A database of paleoanthropological materials of the academic depository;
  • Complex expeditions devoted to the topic of the project;
  • International conferences devoted to the topic of the project;
  • Schools for young professionals conducted by the leading scientist and devoted to the topic of the project;
  • Seminars, lectures and master classes by leading scientists;
  • A laboratory with an interdisciplinary Oriental studies profile applying natural science research methods in humanities;
  • An academic depository of paleoanthropological materials compliant with modern requirements.
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Historical and Archaeological Laboratory for the Comprehensive Study of the Byzantine Black Sea Region

Saint Petersburg State University - (SPbU)

History and archaeology


Karpov Sergei Pavlovich



Laboratory «Byzantine Crimea»

V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University - (Vernadsky CFU)

History and archaeology


Kazanski Michel Mikhailovich



Laboratory for Architectural Archaeology and the Inter-disciplinary Study of Architectural Monuments

The Institute of Archaeology of the RAS - (IA RAS)

History and archaeology


Giumlia-Mair Alessandra

Switzerland, Italy