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"Regeneration of Respiratory Tract and Lung Tissues" Laboratory

About the laboratry

This laboratory was established as part of a scientific research project supported with a monetary grant awarded by the Government of the Russian Federation under a grant competition designed to provide governmental support to scientific research projects implemented under the supervision of the world's leading scientists at Russian institutions of higher learning (Resolution of the RF Government No.220 of April 9, 2010).

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Grant Agreement No.: 11.G34.31.0065

Name of the institution of higher learning:
State educational institution of higher professional education "Kuban State Medical University"

Fields of scientific research:
Medical sciences and technologies

Project goal:
To identify and develop new approaches to tissue engineering and cellular therapy for regeneration of respiratory tract and lung tissues.

Key project objectives:
1. To study molecular regeneration mechanisms and replicate them using various models from among mammals, including primates;
2. To create new and develop existing methods of regenerative medicine;
3. To standardize cellular therapy techniques used in pulmonary hypertension and engineering of tracheal tissue.
4. To translate all newly developed methods to clinical applications as a complete alternative to transplantation of donor organs;
5. To train Russian specialists in the foundations of cellular techniques and regenerative medicine at leading European laboratories.

Anticipated scientific outcomes:
1. The project will help acquire new knowledge concerning the behaviour of stem cells, their development and differentiation mechanisms required to exercise control over these cells and use cellular therapy and regenerative techniques in a precise and targeted fashion;
2. The project will help develop cellular therapy and tissue engineering techniques required to grow respiratory tract and lung tissues;
3. The project will help establish an international research and clinical education center for regenerative medicine at the Kuban State Medical University that will serve as a clinical platform for the development and implementation of new regenerative techniques, as well as a training base for preparation of future regenerative medicine specialists representing different medical and research institutions from across Russia.

Leading scientist

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Leading scientist's full name: Paolo Macchiarini

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Academic degrees and titles:
Doctor of medicine, PhD, professor

Job title:
- Director of the Center for Translational Regenerative Medicine (ACTREM), Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden;
- Professor of regenerative medicine, department of clinical sciences, otorhinolaryngology division, Karolinska Institute Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden;
- Head of the Department of thoracic surgery of the Barcelona University Clinic (Spain);
- Professor of the Hannover School of Medicine (Germany);
- Head of the research and clinical education center for regenerative medicine at the Kuban State Medical University (Krasnodar, Russia).

Areas of scientific interest:
Molecular and cellular biology, biotechnology, regenerative medicine, transplantology, thoracic surgery

Scientific recognition:
- Italian Association for Biological, Epidemiological, Clinical, and Therapeutic Research in Medical Sciences Award (1987 – 1989),
- International University of Alabama, Birmingham Society Award (1989 – 1990),
- European Society of Oncology Award (1990),
- D'Avenir Foundation Award (1993 – 1996),
- Best Medical Idea Award (2005), Medical Journal Award (Е),
- "For outstanding achievements in science" order (2010, awarded by the President of the Italian Republic).

Authored more than 150 articles published in peer review journals and 40 chapters in monographs.

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