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Laboratory for Digital Personalised Medicine of Healthy Ageing

About Laboratory

Grant Agreement No.: 074-02-2018-330(1)
Project name: Digital Personalised Medicine of Healthy Ageing (DPM-AGEING): network analysis of Big Multi-omics data to search for new diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic targets
Name of the institution of higher learning: National Research Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod
Fields of scientific research: Clinical medicine

The general purpose of DPM-AGEING is to investigate new medical strategies to provide healthy ageing, increase longevity of the population and, hence, improve the quality of life. This will be provided by the search of combinations of specific cellular and molecular alterations and pathways capable of shifting the phenotype of elderly subjects from a healthy physiological decline to clinically overt pathologies to eventually identify markers of early pathology diagnosis using blood and other body fluids before motor or other symptoms occur. The main idea of the project is to utilize newly developed network analysis methods to identify longitudinal and/or network biomarkers and, hence, search for new prognostic and therapeutic targets. At the same time, it will be attempted to explain observed changes with systems medicine models using different network, dynamical and mathematical modelling.

Leading scientist


Name:  Franceschi Claudio


Academic degree and title: PhD, professor
Job Title: Professor emeritus of Immunology, University of Bologna
Field of scientific interests: Aging and Longevity, Centenarians, Immunology, Inflammaging, Omics, Gut microbiome
Scientific recognition:
2005 – Award for research on Human Longevity, Associazione PROFUTURA, Bologna, ITALY
2006 - Leadership and Excellence Award, 4th International Bologna Meeting on Affective, Behavioural, and Cognitive Disorders in the Elderly
2008 - Laurea Honoris Causa in Medicine, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, (Argentina)
2012 - Annual Hayflick Lecturer 2012, University of Alabama at Birmingham's Center for Aging
2012 - Aging Research Award, The Oxigen Club of California Award

Scientific work of the leading scientist, his/her main scientific achievements:
Claudio Franceschi was the first to identify some of the major characteristics of immunosenescence in humans (e.g. the shortage of naive T cells, the accumulation of memory cell clones, the shrinkage of T cell repertoire, the proinflammatory profile of immune cells from old people, the age-related increase in non organ specific autoantibodies) and to identify major biological characteristics of human longevity (preserved function of hemopoietic stem cells, slight hypothyroid function, preserved cell proliferation ability, low levels of circulating IGF-1).
- Pioneer of studies on centenarians as model successful ageing and longevity, including studies on hemopoietic stem cells, K+ channel, p53;
- Pioneer of studies linking demography and genetics with ageing and longevity in humans;
- Identification of nuclear gene polymorphisms and chromosomal regions associated to human longevity;
- Identification of mtDNA polymorphisms and mutations associated to human longevity, Alzheimer disease and diabetes complications;
- Pioneer of studies of “in silico immunology” and mathematical models of immunological phenomena (immunological memory; the immune system as a network; mathematical model of proteasome);
- Pioneer in the application of OMICS in studies on human aging and longevity
- Pioneer of studies on glycomics and gut microbiome, metabolomics and epigenetics, in human ageing and longevity;
- identification of the most powerful biomarkers capable of distinguishing chronological vs biological age and physiological vs pathological age (agalactosylated N-glycans and methylation of ELOVL2, FHL2 genes)
- Role of immunoproteasome in neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration.

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