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Labarotory for Medical Biohybrid technologies

About Laboratory

Grant Agreement No.: 14.W03.31.0025
Project name: Biohybrid technologies for modern biomedicine
Name of the institution of higher learning: Saint-Petersburg State University
Fields of scientific research: Chemical technologies

The main goal of the project is the establishment of the new interdisciplinary laboratory of biohybrid technologies as a base of the modern center of the research in the field of biomedical materials in Saint-Petersburg State University. This laboratory in collaboration with other partner research centers will be focused on the development of the innovative chemical approaches and technologies for the creation of biomaterials and biohybrids for their following implementation in various therapeutic and diagnostic fields of nanomedicine.

Leading scientist


Name:  Urtti Arto Olavi


Academic degree and title: Ph.D., pharmaceutical technology
Job Title: Professor, University of Helsinki
Field of scientific interests: pharmacology, pharmacy, chemistry, ophthalmology, biochemistry, molecular biology, research experimental medicine, genetics heredity, biotechnology, applied microbiology, materials science, engineering, chemistry, radiology, nuclear medicine, medical imaging, cell biology, polymer science

Scientific recognition:
2014 – Senator, European Federation of Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS)
2014 - Golden Recognition Medal, Federation of Finnish Learned Societies
2014 - Golden Recognition Medal, City of Kuopio
2014 - Golden Recognition Medal, Federation of Finnish Learned Societies
2013 - Distinguished Service Award, European Federation of Pharmaceutical Sciences
2009 - Millennium Distinction Award, Technology Academy Finland

Scientific work of the leading scientist, his/her main scientific achievements:
The leading scientist is inventor or co-inventor in 24 patents and patent applications. Inventions and technologies have become commercialized laboratory products and translated to industrial development. The leading scientist leads the Finnish node of new EU-level infrastructure on chemical biology and screening (EU OpenScreen; the main site is in Berlin) at University of Helsinki (instrument funding from Academy of Finland). Also, he is leading in pharmaceutical part of Drug Discovery and Chemical Biology Network and started In vivo imaging laboratory based on SPECT/CT instrument at University of Helsinki.

Lehtinen J., Magarkar A., Steniewski M., Hakola S., Bergman M., Rog T., Yliperttula M., Urtti A., Bunker A. Analysis of cause of failure of new targeting peptide in PEGylated liposome: Molecular modeling as rational design tool for nanomedicine, 2012, European Journal of Pharmaceutical Science

Subrizi A., Tuominen E., Bunker A., Rog T., Antopolsky M., Urtti A. TAT (48-60) peptide amino acid sequence is not unique in its cell penetrating properties and cell-surface glycosaminoglycans inhibit its cellular uptake 2012 Journal of Controlled Release

Bhattacharya M., Malinen M., Lauren P., Lou Y.R., Parras- Cicuendez C., Kuisma S., Kanninen L., Lille M., Corlu A., Guillozo C., Laukkanen A., Urtti A., Yliperttula M. Nanofibrillar cellulose hydrogel promotes threedimensional liver cell culture 2012 Journal of Controlled Release

Lehtinen J., Raki M., Bergström K., Uutela P., Lehtinen K., Hiltunen A., Pikkarainen J., Määttä A.-M., Ketola R., Yliperttula M., Wirth T. and Urtti A. Pre-targeting and direct immunotargeting of liposomal drug carriers to ovarian carcinoma 2012 PLos ONE

Kiselev A., Egorova A., Laukkanen A., Baranov V., Urtti A. Characterization of reducible peptide oligomers as carriers for gene delivery 2013 International Journal of Pharmaceutics

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