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Light-Emitting Carbon Quantum Nanostructures Laboratory

About Laboratory

Grant Agreement No.: 14.Y26.31.0028
Project name: High-dimensional approximation, recovery and compression with applications in Big Data analysis
Name of the institution of higher learning: Lomonosov Moscow State University
Fields of scientific research: Nanotechnologies

The goal of the project is to establish the Light-Emitting Carbon Quantum Nanostructures Laboratory for conducting cutting-edge research of international standard in the field of nanophotonics and whose results will be of primary importance for the implementation of the priorities of the scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation and for tackling the major challenges facing our country (Figure 1). The Research and Development within the framework of the project will be specifically focused on Light Emitting Carbon Dots, which is aligned with the strategic priority theme 20b) of the Strategy for Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation
(approved by Presidential Decree No. 642 of December 1, 2016): “transition to environmentally friendly and resource-effective energy,...” in what concerns the creation
of new materials and devices for “green photonics”.

Leading scientist

 andrey rogach portrait

Name:   Rogatch Andrei


Academic degree and title: Dr. Habil (2009)
Job Title: Chair Professor; Director of Centre for Functional Photonics, City University of Hong Kong
Field of scientific interests: Nanotechnology, Optical spectroscopy, Materials science

Scientific recognition:
1995 - DAAD Fellowship, Germany
1998 - British Telecom Fellowship, UK
1999 - NRC COBASE Fellowship, USA
2000 - Alexander-von-Humboldt Fellowship, Germany
2005 - Walton Award, Science Foundation, Ireland
2011 - Grand Research Excellence Award from City University of Hong Kong
2012 - Ikerbasque Fellowship of the Basque Country
2014 - Fellow of the Electromagnetic Academy

Scientific work of the leading scientist, his/her main scientific achievements:
Prof. Rogatch has a substantial expertise in the synthesis, characterization and applications of semiconductor quantum dots, CDots and wide bandgap oxide materials, along with a track record of following through from material synthesis to device physics with these materials and composites thereof. The range of these applications spans optical materials for light emitters, electronic devices, and solar materials including water splitting based fuel sources.

Wang, Hongkang; Wang, Jinkai; Cao, Daxian; Gu, Hangyu; Li, Beibei; Lu, Xuan; Han, Xiaogang; Rogach, Andrey L.; Niu, Chunming Honeycomb-like carbon nanoflakes as a host for SnO2 nanoparticles allowing enhanced lithium storage performance. DOI: 10.1039/ c7ta00772h

Kershaw, Stephen V.; Abdelazim, Nema M.; Zhao, Yihua; Susha, Andrei S.; Zhovtiuk, Olga; Teoh, Wey Yang; Rogach, Andrey L. Investigation of the Exchange Kinetics and Surface Recovery of CdxHg1-xTe Quantum Dots during Cation Exchange Using a Microfluidic Flow Reactor. DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater. 6b04544 2017 CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS

Zhou, Ding; Li, Di; Jing, Pengtao; Zhai, Yuechen; Shen, Dezhen; Qu, Songnan; Rogach, Andrey L. Conquering Aggregation-Induced Solid-State Luminescence Quenching of Carbon Dots through a Carbon Dots-Triggered Silica Gelation Process. DOI: 10.1021/ acs.chemmater.6b05375 2017 CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS

Zhou, Ding; Zhai, Yuechen; Qu, Songnan; Li, Di; Jing, Pengtao; Ji, Wenyu; Shen, Dezhen; Rogach, Andrey L. Electrostatic Assembly Guided Synthesis of Highly Luminescent Carbon-Nanodots@BaSO4 Hybrid Phosphors with Improved Stability. DOI: 10.1002/smll. 201602055 2017 SMALL

Kalytchuk, Sergii; Polakova, Katerina; Wang, Yu; Froning, Jens P.; Cepe, Klara; Rogach, Andrey L.; Zboril, Radek Carbon Dot Nanothermometry: Intracellular Photoluminescence Lifetime Thermal Sensing. DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.6b06670 2017 ACS NANO

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