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Laboratory for economical behavior

About Laboratory

Grant Agreement No.: 14.W03.31.0027

Project name: Cognitive-behavioral and cross-cultural foundations of economic policy

Name of the institution of higher learning: The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

Fields of scientific research: Psychology

Implementation of a complex of fundamental and applied interdisciplinary research of economic behavior of the citizens and cognitive bases of perception by the population (in differenсes by groups of income, education, etc.) of economic policy through the integration of neurophysiological, psychophysiological, socio-psychological analysis with the tools of economic psychology, behavioural economics, and experimental economics and econometrics in the aims of development applied economic direction of economic analysis – the theory of economic policy. The project aims to identify behavioral, cross-cultural and cognitive bases of the formation and implementation of styles and types of economic activity of different categories of citizens and organizations.

Leading scientist


 Azar Ofer Haim


Academic degree and title: Ph.D.
Job Title: Associate Professor, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Field of scientific interests: economic psychology, behavioral economics, experimental economics, competitive strategy, industrial organization, socio economics, decision making, consumer behavior

Scientific recognition:
2009 - The Research Excellence Toronto Prize for Young Researchers, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
2013 - A prize for the best paper published in Labour Economics in 2012

Scientific work of the leading scientist, his/her main scientific achievements:
O. Azar main research areas are behavioral economics, experimental economics, industrial organization and business strategy. O. Azar often applys tools and ideas from behavioral and experimental economics to address topics related to industrial organization and business

Azar, Ofer H. A Linear City Model with Asymmetric Consumer Distribution 2015 PLOS ONE V: 10 Issue: 6 Number of paper: e0129068

Azar, Ofer H.; Lahav, Yaron; Voslinsky, Alisa Beliefs and social behavior in a multi-period ultimatum game 2015 FRONTIERS IN BEHAVIORAL NEUROSCIENCE V: 9 Number of paper: 29

Azar, Ofer H.; Fetchenhauer, Detlef On the relationship of economic psychology and
behavioral economics 2012 JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC PSYCHOLOGY V: 33 Issue: 3 PP.: 662-664

Fetchenhauer, Detlef; Azar, Ofer H.; Antonides, Gerrit; Dunning, Dave; Frank, Robert H.; Lea,
Stephen; Olander, Folke Monozygotic twins or unrelated stepchildren? On the relationship between economic psychology and behavioral economics 2012 JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC
PSYCHOLOGY V: 33 Issue: 3 PP.: 695-699

Azar, Ofer H. Competitive strategy when consumers are affected by reference prices 2013 JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC PSYCHOLOGY Том: 39 Стр.: 327-340

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