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Cell Types Genealogy Laboratory

About Laboratory

Grant Agreement No.:  14.W03.31.0015

Project name: Deciphering the Genealogy of Cell Types via Planetary Biodiversity Capture

Name of the institution of higher learning: The A.O. Kovalevsky Institute of Marine Biological Research of RAS

Fields of scientific research: Biology

Project goal:

Real-time Genomic Blueprint of Oceanic Life at the Single-cell Resolution to reconstruction the genealogy of neurons, trace ancestral cell lineages, and develop the natural classification of neurons within neural circuits across the majority of animal phyla. This will provide a predictive power to delineate novel neuronal phenotypes and fundamental constrains in the origin and parallel evolution of neural systems.

The main organization goal is creation modern Biodiversity and Functional Marine Genomics Laboratory. It will function as the leading International Center with a capacity (i) to obtain at least 1,000,000 individual transcriptomes (including single-cell transcriptomes) from diversity of marine organisms over 3-5 year period; (ii) be able to perform sequencing and annotation of hundreds of marine genomes focusing on basal metazoans, plankton organisms and unicellular eukaryotes; (iii) integrate genomic and single cell transcriptome data with real-time physiological data.

Leading scientist


Moroz Leonid Leonidovich


Date of Birth: 27.12.1960

Citzenship: Belarus

Academic degree and title: PhD

Job Title: University of Florida

Field of scientific interests: Neuroscience, Evolution, Biodiversity, Genomics, Nanotechnology, Microanalytical Chemistry, Comparative Physiology

Academic recognition:

Dr. Moroz in addition to being the Distinguished Professor of Neuroscience has got other honors include serving on six NIH and NSF Special Emphasis Panels and Neuronal Cluster Panels (2012-2016), Editorial Board for J. of Neurogenetics, (2011-present), Research Council for International Society of Invertebrate Neurobiology; Global Ocean Marine Genomic Initiative; Presidential BRAIN initiative. My lab was the first to directly perform genome-scale sequencing directly aboard of oceanic ships with real-time bioinformatic analysis via satellites (using UF supercomputer).

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