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Functional Aluminosilicate Nanomaterials Lab

About Laboratory

Grant Agreement No.: 14.Z50.31.0035

Project name: Synthesis, properties and applications of functional aluminosilicate nanomaterials

Name of the institution of higher learning: Gubkin University

Fields of scientific research: Nanotechnologies

Project goal:

This project’s goal is to create and study the nanostructured functional materials based on the nature-occurring aluminosilicate matrices.

The aluminosilicate nanomaterials that will be used in the project are distinctively available, affordable, and have the certain size characteristics. The default nanomaterial in this regard is the halloysite – natural-occurring aluminosilicate nanotubes with length about 1 μm, diameter of 50–70 nm, and the inner lumen of 15–20 nm. Such aluminosilicate nanotubes could be functionalized in either outer or inner surface, and then used as the functional nanomaterials: emulsion stabilizers, ion-conducting membrane modifiers, substrates for surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectroscopy, catalyst carriers. In order to achieve the goal, the following objectives will be fulfilled:

1) The creation and study of formulations, based on the aluminosilicate nanomaterials, for the stabilization of dispersions;

2) The creation and study of the functional membranes and substrates, modified with the aluminosilicate nanomaterials;

3) The creation and study of nanocatalysts on aluminosilicate nanostructured carriers, based on the synthesis of catalyst in nanoconfined space inside the halloysite nanotubes’ lumen or between the layers.

The described objectives will be fulfilled by creation of “Aluminosilicate Nanomaterials Laboratory”, which will include three workgroups: 1) Dispersions group; 2) Membranes and substrates group; 3) Catalysis group.

Leading scientist


Lvov Yuri Mikhailovich


Date of Birth: 12.12.1952

Citzenship: Russia, USA

Academic degree and title: Professor

Job Title: Louisiana Tech University

Field of scientific interests:

Nanotechnology including nanoassembly of ultrathin organized films, bio/nanocomposites, nano/construction of ordered shells on tiny templates (drug nanocapsules, shells on microbes and viruses), clay nanotubes for controlled release of anticorrosion, bioactive agents and drugs.

Academic recognition:

A member of Editorial Board of BioNanoScience journal (ISSN: 2191-1630, Springer Publ.) since 2012

Was chair and organizer of “Clay / Polymer Composites-3: Nanotubes and Other Natural Nanoparticles” Symposium at 247th National Meetings of American Chemical Society in San Diego, 2015.

In 2007-2016 I served as a peer referee for the following journals: Journal of American Chemical Society, Biomacromolecules, Langmuir, Macromolecules, Colloids and Surfaces: Engineering, J. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, J. Physical Chemistry, Nano Letters, J. Colloid and Interface Sciences; J. Vacuum Science and Technology, Thin Solid Films, Analytical Chemistry, and Advanced Materials. More than 200 papers were reviewed for these prestigious international journals.

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