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Laboratory of advanced technologies of processing renewable organic raw materials and hydrogen storage

О лаборатории

Grant Agreement No.: 14.Z50.31.0038

Project name:

Thermodynamic and catalytic strategies for sustainable process design of renewable based fuels and for technology of hydrogen storage in unsaturated organic compounds

Name of the institution of higher learning: "Samara State Technical University"

Fields of scientific research: Energy and Conservation

Project goal:

Creating advanced processes of manufacturing fuels and valuable chemical products from renewable raw materials and hydrogen storage technology using unsaturated organic compounds.

Basic objectives:

- Perform basic and applied research in priority areas of science, technology and engineering in the Russian Federation - Energy efficiency, resource efficiency, nuclear energy.

- Creation of laboratory of advanced technologies of processing renewable organic raw materials and hydrogen storage.

- Experimental study of the thermochemical and thermodynamic properties of the key organic compounds that determine the technology of the processing of renewable feedstocks and bio-fuels, and produce valuable chemical products.

- The study of chemical equilibrium of hydrogenation-dehydrogenation reactions of perspective organic compounds for hydrogen storage. Determination of optimal conditions for each stage of the cycle, in terms of theoretical bases.

- Examination of the literature data on the thermochemical and thermodynamic properties of the available key organic compounds, to replenish the base necessary for the formation of methods of reliable prediction of thermodynamic properties on the basis of the laws of "molecular structure - property" with the involvement of quantum-chemical methods.

- Developing of the reliable prediction methods of thermodynamic and thermochemical properties of key compounds, obtained products and secondary components in a wide range of conditions (temperature, pressure) to optimize perspective processes and technologies for fuels and valuable chemicals producing from renewable organic feedstocks and hydrogen storage technology using unsaturated organic compounds.

- The search for effective catalytic systems based on transition metals or their sulfides to replace the Pt-containing catalysts in the implementation of the energy of the hydrogen cycle: the accumulation of hydrogen in the molecule of the organic compound (hydrogenation) - the release of hydrogen (dehydrogenation), as well as processes for the production of fuels from renewable organic material.

- Study of the influence of the carrier nature, its textural characteristics, chemical composition of the active phase and its morphology, including the preparation and activation steps of the catalytic activity and stability of the resulting catalysts in hydrogenation - dehydrogenation of organic compounds for hydrogen storage and clean fuels processing.

- Experimental tests of the developed technologies and catalysts for the hydrogen cycle "accumulation-storage-retrieval". Samples of the produced catalysts and fuels for physico-chemical study and determination of quality indicators.

Leading scientist


Verevkin Sergey Petrovich


Date of Birth: 31.03.1956

Citzenship: Russia

Academic degree and title: Professor

Job Title: University Rostock, Germany

Field of scientific interests:

- Chemical Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry; Equilibria in Chemically Reacting Systems;

- Combustion Calorimetry; Determination of Vaporization and Sublimation Enthalpies of Organic Compounds

- Modern Applications of Gas Chromatography; Excess Thermodynamic Functions; Radical Chemistry

-Thermophysical Properties of Fluid Mixtures; Ionic Liquids; Green Chemistry and renewable technologies.

- Polymer chemistry; Biofuels

Academic recognition:

- Prize-winner of the Mendeleev Scientific Society (USSR), 1988

- Fellowship of Foundation Deutsche Akademische AustauschDienst (DAAD ), 1988-89

- Fellowship of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation,            1992-1993

-Member of the Advisory Board Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics (Elsevier) since 2001, Thermochimica Acta (Elsevier)   since 2011

- ERASMUS-Programm Coordinator, Chemical Department, University of Rostock, since 2005.

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