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Laboratory of nonlinear optics of guided wave systems

About Laboratory

Grant Agreement No.: 14.Y26.31.0017

Project name: Spatio-temporal nonlinear optics of multimode and multi-core fiber systems

Name of the institution of higher learning: Novosibirsk State University

Fields of scientific research: Physics

Project goal:

The project develops a range of new technologies, based on the spatiotemporal control of nonlinear optical processes in multimode and multi-core fiber devices. Our research is structured along the following, and closely interconnected, main directions:

(i) Theoretical and experimental study of spatiotemporal and spectral nonlinear dynamics and shaping of ultrashort optical pulses propagating in multimode and multicore fibers and fiber devices;

(ii) Analysis of the information capacity of nonlinear multimode and multicore for spatial division multiplexing in fiber optics transmission systems;

(iii) Investigation of the physics and applications of optical systems based on multimode and multicore fibers, structured by femtosecond laser radiation, including novel lasers and sensors.

Leading scientist

Wabnitz Stefan00001 

Wabnitz Stefan


Date of Birth: 17.10.1958

Citzenship: Italy, Germany

Academic degree and title:  Professor

Job Title: University of Brescia

Field of scientific interests:

- Nonlinear silicon photonics, pulse propagation in optical fibers and waveguides, theory and applications of optical solitons, all optical switching, photonic crystal fibers and waveguides, supercontinuum laser sources.

- Design and modeling of high-bit-rate long-distance optical communication links and systems.

- Mode-locked and ultra-short fiber lasers, ultrafast phenomena, few cycle pulse generation and propagation.

- Fundamental nonlinear optical processes, stimulated scattering, multi-wave mixing.

Academic recognition:

Stefan Wabnitz is widely recognized as one of the world leaders in the theory of guided wave nonlinear optical devices and of nonlinear effects in optical fibers. His research activities over a time span of more than 30 years have been carried out in top academic and industrial establishments both in Europe and the USA, resulted in over 600 publications on international journals, conferences and book chapters, which received an average of 300 citations/year for the past 30 years (source: Google Scholar). His work has pioneered the research fields of nonlinear guide wave mode coupling, polarization instabilities and chaos, optical soliton generation and transmission.

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