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"VUZPROMEKSPO - 2016" - two days of discoveries!

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation A.V. Dvorkovich and Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation O.U. Vasilyeva attended the festive opening ceremony.

Addressing the parting words to the guests and participants of the exhibition, A.V. Dvorkovich said: "During four years of its work the exhibition "VUZPROMEKSPO" has done a lot to show only the most popular innovations of Russian universities, carried out in cooperation with investors and industry with the support of state."

Head of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation O. U. Vasilyeva in her welcoming speech said about the importance of research and development conducted on the basis of higher educational institutions. "Today we can say for certain that it is high school science has provided the most dynamic growth in recent years. The volume of research and development conducted within the precincts of university laboratories has increased over the last decade more than 5 times, and the number of researchers working in universities has reached 46 thousand people, which is comparable to the academic sector. "- She said. At the end of her speech, O. U. Vasilyeva wished all participants of the exhibition "VUZPROMEKSPO 2016" fruitful and interesting work.

And the work was fruitful indeed. About two hundred stands of universities, engineering centers and industrial enterprises introduced to more than 3,000 daily visitors the latest developments and research in medicine, space, aviation, mechanical engineering, energy and agriculture, which have already been introduced into production or will be released soon.

The head of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science met with a number of landmark scientific and technological developments of the leading universities. For example, scientists from Lobachevsky Nizhny Novgorod State University presented to the Minister the exoskeleton robotic complex "Ilya Muromets" and costume "Cybertrainer", meanwhile St. Petersburg State University researchers have reported on the newly created "Biobank", which became the basis of the project "Russian genomes." O. Vasilyeva also visited the multimedia stand of the Moscow State University and talked to finalists of robotic competitions among schoolchildren Cup RTC.

The most extensive objects were exhibited at the exposition of Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University n.a R.E Alekseev: autonomous mobile robot for monitoring the coastal zone, all-terrain vehicle "Rusak-3993" and Universal rescue vehicle with a rotary-engine propeller.

Also there were presented mock-ups of space communication devices, navigation and remote sensing of the Earth from JSC "United Rocket and Space Corporation", mock-up model of Kurchatov source of synchrotron radiation "National research center "Kurchatov Institute", new high-nitrogen steel NUST "MISiS ", and a lot of other things.

In addition to innovative projects of universities and engineering centers, in a separate pavilion there were presented robotic designs and developments of more than 500 students - participants of the III All-Russian inter-college student Festival of science and technology "VUZPROMFEST", dedicated this year to innovation, science and technology in agriculture.

In total, the business program of the Forum "VUZPROMEKSPO" took place over 50 discussions, plenary sessions and round tables to discuss the features of advanced technology, the results of cooperation of scientific schools and industrial plants and presented the main results of federal programs and regulations.

Public hearings and public acceptance of the projects carried out within the framework of the Federal Target Program "Research and development on priority directions of scientific and technological complex of Russia for 2014-2020" took place at the III All-Russian scientific-practical conference "Research and Development - 2016".

The exhibition "VUZPROMEKSPO 2016" for the fourth time was able to demonstrate the main results of the most effective and popular applied research and development carried out with the support of the state.

During the two days of the exhibition there were signed a number of significant strategic partnership agreements, including between the state corporation "Roskosmos" and MSTU "STANKIN" and South Ural State University (national research university), as well as the agreement between the Holding Company "Russian Helicopters" and Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University and the International Atomic Energy Agency together with the Far Eastern Federal University.

The exhibition "VUZPROMEKSPO-2016" was attended by over 6,000 people. The total exhibition area reached more than 7000 square meters.

For more information about the "VUZPROMEKSPO-2016", the results of the business program, see the following publications on our website

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