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Professor Dmitry Murzin was awarded the Order of the White Rose

In honor of Independence Day, President Sauli Ninistö awarded with orders and medals the people who have made great contributions to society. Among the recipients - a professor of the University Åbo Akademi Dmitry Murzin, who was awarded the Order of the knight of the Finnish White Rose, the Order of the first degree.

A native of Moscow Murzin lives and works in Finland since 2000. The chair he’s heading is engaged in, among other things, the possibility of processing natural resources, oil, natural gas, renewable raw materials and biomass in all sorts of chemicals and products, ranging from fuel and ending with pharmaceuticals.

For Murzin news of the award was a great and pleasant surprise.

- I was very proud, inspired and excited when I heard about it. Perhaps this is not only my merit. It merits the entire department in which I work. We are working with quite different interesting things related to chemical technology. We have a wide range of research, and I believe that these studies, which are very much in demand in the Finnish chemical industry, perhaps, led to the recognition of our achievements - Murzin said.

The high governmental award - it's not only an honor but also a big responsibility, says the professor, who recognized being a true workaholic:

- We must continue to work on, because life does not stop, and the work continues. Yesterday, for example, instead of celebrating, I worked until one o'clock on the article of one of my employees, - says Murzin.



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