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Third international conference on thermoplastic polymers

On October 31 - November 1 Institute of Macromolecular Compounds (ICS RAS) hosted the 3rd International Conference on thermoplastic polymers, where leading foreign and domestic scholars made their presentations. Co-chairmen of the conference are - Professor J.M. Kenny (University of Perugia, Italy) and Professor of Russian Academy of Sciences S. V. Lyulin (director of ITT RAS).
Round table discussions: V. A. Kashcheev, General Director of "Hovernetic" company, and Professor J. Kenny

A round table was held at the conference on October 31, "Interaction of the industry and basic science in innovative projects" (conference hall of the hotel «Solo Sokos Hotel Vasilievsky», St. Petersburg, 8-th Line VO, bldg. 11 -13). Moderator of the round table - the director of the IMS RAS, D.Sc., professor of Russian Academy of Sciences S. V. Lyulin, who is also the head of the working group of RAS professors on the formation of priorities for Basic Research, the preliminary results of which were presented at the roundtable. About ongoing innovation projects of modern industry told the Vice-President of JSC "USC" for technical development D. Y. Kolodyazhniy, President of "Lenpoligrafmash" holding K. A. Soloveitchik, Head of composite cluster of St. Petersburg V. N. Zazimko and others. On the Dutch experience of interaction of academic research centers and industry said the professor of the Technical University of Eindhoven A. V. Lyulin. Director of INEOS RAS Academician A. M. Muzafarov noted the importance of developing programs for the development of academic institutions, some of which should be supported by large domestic corporations on the basis of sponsorship. Director of the Lyceum of Physics and Mathematics # 239 M. J. Pratusevich and Vice-Rector of the University of Technology A. V. Garabadzhiu noted the need to deal with issues of training young highly qualified personnel for the country's science and innovation industry. M. Ya. Pratusevich stressed the importance of promoting research and localization of modern scientific laboratories in the city center, is open for tours and practices seniors and students.

Also at the conference was held a presentation of the laboratory "Multiscale modeling and experimental research of polymer composites based on thermoplastics promising for industrial applications", opened in the framework of the megagrant competition of the Russian Government. The laboratory is engaged in preparation and study of new polymer composite materials for use in shipbuilding, aerospace, automotive, led by the Professor of the University of Perugia (Italy) Jose Kenny.

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