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Leading scientists have joined the ranks of the RAS

General meetings of the Russian Academy of Sciences were held on October 24 and 25, during which there were selected corresponding members, academicians and foreign members of the Academy of Sciences. Election of new members of the Russian Academy of Sciences became the most extensive in the history of major scientific organizations in the country. Previous elections of the new members of the Academy of Sciences was held in 2011. According to information made public after the elections, the candidacy of 176 new academicians and 323 corresponding members of the new Academy of Sciences were approved.

The RAS staff was recruited by leading scientists - Heads of Laboratories, created under the project "Megagrants". Among the newly elected academicians are the following people: Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor, member of the European Academy (Academia Europaea). Head of the laboratory of molecular mechanisms of immunity of the Institute of Molecular Biology. VA Engelhardt RAS, Head of the Department of Immunology, Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov Moscow State University, Head of the Department of Molecular Immunology Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology named after A. N. Belozersky (Moscow State University). Lomonosov Moscow State University, main researcher of the Laboratory of Experimental Immunology, Center for Molecular Biology and Biomedicine IBBM Lobachevsky National Research Nizhny Novgorod State University Nedospasov Sergey Arturovich. Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Far East Branch became head of the Laboratory of Geochemistry of the polar regions of the Pacific oceanic institute, member of the Scientific Council for the study of the Arctic, a member of the hydrographic and hydrochemical trans-Arctic expedition Semiletov Igor Petrovich. Foreign members are elected physics Manfred Helmut Bayer (Germany), Friedrich Wagner (Germany), Kenichi Ueda (Japan), as well as Nudler Eugene (USA) and Stephen James O'Brien (USA), working in the field of physico-chemical biology and Schedl Paul (USA), known for his discoveries in the field of molecular and cell biology.

Editorial of the Portal "Megagrants" joins the numerous congratulations.

Sergey Nedospasov 

Igor Semiletov 


Manfred Helmut Beyer


Friedrich Wagner


Kenichi Ueda


Eugene Nudler


Paul Schedl


Stephen James O'Brien

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