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Fedor Bogomolov is having its 70th Anniversary

A conference in honor of the 70th anniversary of outstanding Russian mathematician Fedor Alekseevich Bogomolov was hosted in Moscow on September, 29-30. The organizer of this scientific forum, laureate of the State Prize in Science and Innovation for Young Scientists, Head of Laboratory of algebraic geometry and its applications, Alexander Kuznetsov said: "Mathematics, which makes Fedor, is just beautiful." And he explains: "Quite often he comes up with very unexpected ideas. He thinks outside the box, which is very rare. Most people think in the standard framework and Fyodor has no framework for the flight of the thought.

Anniversary celebrant confesses that he is a little bit tired of the conferences in his honor. After all this one is the third in a row, the previous two were held in New York and Nottingham. "I continue to work, and that's good. I listened to a lot of things in the United States and in England, and here." The Higher School of Economics supports now the Laboratory of algebraic geometry that was created in the framework of the first megagrant competition, year 2010, where he is the supervisor.

Editorial Portal "Megagrants" joins the congratulations and wishes Fedor Alekseevich health and may your shadow never be less.

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