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Dear colleagues,

A permanent “Hotline” for participants of projects implemented within the framework of the program "Megagrant" is open on our site (

Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 (Moscow time) at phone +7 (495) 984-05-18 and around the clock via e-mail (via "Feedback form"), you can ask questions, share your problems.

Opening of the "hotline" will also ensure operative reception, registration and examination of information relating to violations of the rules, principles and commitments by individuals and/or organizations involved in the implementation of works on Decree 220, as well as quickly receive the necessary advice on issues arising during the execution of projects.

We are sure that the "Hotline" will not only build an effective communication system between the projects executors, project curators, the Russian Federation Ministry of education and science, but also to improve the administering of the Decree No. 220 by analyzing the information received from you.

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